Without awesome people nothing works. Without first-class processes your awesome people are weakened. Without a clear purpose everything becomes pointless.

Weiterlesen auf Mappalicious: Without awesome people nothing works. Without first-class processes your awesome people are weakened. Without a clear purpose…

Marty Seligman´s Memoir “The Hope Circuit” is out now!

The “Spiritus Rector” of Positive Psychology, Martin Seligman, has authored his autobiography. It´s called The Hope Circuit and was published…

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How Applicants can find out if a Job will provide Meaningful Work using Tools from Positive Psychology

Yesterday, I was a panelist at the morning session of Intersect 2018, a phenomenal event along the lines of “Tech Conference x Career Fair x…

Nico Rose to speak about Positive Psychology at Intersect 2018 by Udacity

On March 27, 2018, innovative online learning provider Udacity will once again their Intersect conference. In the morning, I will…

Get your Calendar for Mindful March from Action for Happiness

February 2018 has come to end – but do not fear, for our friends at Action for Happiness have issued another…

You think being Successful will make you Happy? Science suggests it´s the other way round [Current Research]

Once I´ll reach x (…put in one of your personal or professional goals…) I´ll be happy. This is a popular equation…

Can you run 50 Marathons in 50 Days? The Queen of Sisu Can!

It sounds impossible – but of course it´s not. Some 75% of the 1.500 miles in total have been conquered…

International Speaking Engagements: Mountain View + Helsinki

While I do most of my speaking on Positive Psychology in Organizations in the German-speaking area, the number of international…

A Definition of Positive Interventions

The community of positive psychology researchers has yet to agree on a generally accepted definition of positive interventions. While there…


Inspirierend. Authentisch. Kreativ. Dr. Nico Rose überzeugt durch fundiertes Wissen, begeistert durch einen kompetenten, praxis- und zielorientierten Vortragsstil und besticht durch seinen Charme und sein inspirierendes Auftreten. Seine Zuhörer erleben Aha-Momente; sie erhalten wertvolle Impulse, die sie dazu motivieren das eigene Verhalten zu hinterfragen und zu optimieren. Ein Redner, der nicht nur redet, sondern auch etwas zu sagen hat. Wir würden ihn jederzeit wieder buchen.
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When it comes to corporate #culture, do companies walk the talk?

Our @mitsmr paper finds no correlation between official #coreValues and employees' assessment of how well companies live those values

(Eees' assessment from 1.4 million @Glassdoor #Culture500 reviews)

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„Man wird akzeptiert, egal wer man ist oder wo man herkommt. Und auch wenn man nicht sofort auf dieselben Lieblingsbands kommt, findet man am Ende doch immer einen gemeinsamen Nenner.“ @bento_de
Humans are sense-making animals. So much so that we are often able to find meaningful patterns even in situations that don’t have any meaning! We connect the dots whether or not they are actually connected! Hurray for us! ☺️
Frau und Sohnemann sind im Freizeitpark. Ich bin mit der Tochter unterwegs. Man sieht’s irgendwie... DrNicoRose photo